Recommend Sightseeing

Chamorro Village

The Chamorro Village located in Agana offers its quests a variety of island arts & crafts as well as a variety of favorite local cuisine. In addition to island shopping and local food, the Chamorro village periodically sponsors many cultural shows and exhibitions. On Wednesday nights the Chamorro...

Latte Stone Park

Latte Stone Park, located in Agana, houses eight large latte stone formations. These two part columns were used as pillars for the houses of Chamorro chiefs as well as important boat houses. These structures often weighed thousands of pounds and were quarried miles away. The structures are truly...

Plaza de Espana

War Museum

Asan Memorial Park

Asan Beach Memorial is dedicated to the men and women that endured the trials of World War II, many of whom gave their lives in the process. The site is located in the area where the U.S. Marines stormed the beach in their quest to recapture Guam from the Japanese Imperial Forces.

Address  괌 중심부인 아산 지역에 위치, 투몬에서 약 30 분

Asan Bay Overlook

Asan Overlook is home to a World War II memorial site where the names of the men and women that endured the war are etched into its walls. Also at the site is an unparalleled view of the Asan Beach/ApraHarbor area as well as the battle area where the Marines stormed the beach on July 21, 1944, al...

Address  아가냐 하이츠 지역에 위치

Ritidian Point

09:00~17:00Ritidian Point, located at the northern tip of Guam, boasts the most tranquil white-sand beaches Guam has to offer. Now the site of the Guam National Wildlife Refuge, Ritidian is a protected sanctuary for wildlife. However, visitors are welcome to use the park's facilities for picnics...

Talofofo Falls

Talofofo Falls, located in the village of Talofofo, is one of Guam's popular waterfalls. At this privately owned area, you can take a two minute cable car ride down to the waterfall. There are several bridges that allow you to walk over and enjoy the water without getting wet. Also located on thi...

Telephone  +1 671-828-1150

Aratama Maru

Matapang Beach

Matapang Beach Park, located behind the police koban in Tumon, offers its visitors a nice place to swim and picnic. There are also pavilions and a public restroom on the site. The park is named after an ancient local chief that rebelled against Catholicism and Spanish colonialism. His name was Ch...

Two Lovers Point

08:00~20:00Two Lovers Point is a local and tourist attraction that offers a spectacular view of Guam's central coastline and Tumon Bay. The legend of the sites revolves around forbidden love and its consequences; however, you can read the mural when you visit for more details. The grounds have we...

Tumon Bay

Tumon Bay represents the heart and soul of the tourism industry on Guam. More than 90 percent of the hotels on Guam are located in Tumon. The Bay's warm, beautiful waters have entertained locals and tourist alike since the first inhabitants of the island reached its shores over 4000 years ago.