Central Area

University of Guam

Government House

The 22,000 square foot Governor's mansion sits atop the Agana Heights area and boasts an impressive view of the central and northern parts of the island. Originally built in1952 the structure has gone through recent renovations and is a centerpiece for the community of Guam

San Antonio Bridge

War Museum

Adelup Complex

The Adelup Governor's Complex is the site of several government offices, including the village mayor's council and the Governor's and Lt. Governor's offices. It is named in honor of the late Ricardo J. Bordallo a former Governor of Guam and public servant. Located at the back of the complex is a...

Address  투몬 호텔지역에서 마린드라이브 남쪽으로 20 분 거리

Chief Quipuha Park

Chief Quipuha Park located in Agana contains a 12-foot statue of the ancient Chamoru Chief Quipuha. In the early days of the Spanish era on Guam, Quipuha was the first chief to donate land to the Jesuit missionaries in 1669. His remains are located in the Cathedral Basilica in Agana.

Apra harbour

Apra Horbor, located in Piti, has a variety of activities happening in its calm, deep waters. Every kind of marine activity that happends on Guam can be experienced in the harbor, fishing, dinner cruises, jet skiing, diving, submarines its all there. However, most company offices are not located...

Address  괌 남부지역에 위치

Asan Memorial Park

Asan Beach Memorial is dedicated to the men and women that endured the trials of World War II, many of whom gave their lives in the process. The site is located in the area where the U.S. Marines stormed the beach in their quest to recapture Guam from the Japanese Imperial Forces.

Address  괌 중심부인 아산 지역에 위치, 투몬에서 약 30 분

Guam International Airport

Tangison Beach