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  It may be a communication problem since there are only foreign employees arriving at dawn, but 1. I made a reservation for 2 boosters when making a reservation, but of course they subtracted the additional booster amount, saying that 1 is all you need. I was worried) 2. The location when returning the car and the location of the vehicle when picking up were explained in the printout, but when picking up the car, it was the first time, and finding the car in the dark at the Guam airport parking lot was only possible with the remote key (possibly because the car was covered by full insurance). Of course, the exterior of the car was not checked when returning it.) 3. I was worried because the tire pressure was a bit low, but there were no problems with driving. I am satisfied with the exception of two things. Thank you for the free egg at a good price and the introduction of Google Maps and the waze app.
  It seemed that the left and right side mirrors were different mirrors. It was difficult to adapt at first, but driving in Guam was easy, so it wasn't too uncomfortable.
  The process of renting a car was also very quick and kind, so I felt good.
  It's a bit expensive compared to others, but overall I'm satisfied. It is easy to pick up and return, and it is not difficult to make a reservation, so I am willing to rent for the next trip.
  I rented a log for 4 days and used it very well. I really liked that it was a pick-up drop at the airport, and the car was cleaner than I thought, so there was no problem going around with the baby. Maybe we were lucky, the car was in the same condition as when we rented it in Jeju Island. It was pretty clean, so I didn't put on a separate cover, but I didn't feel uncomfortable. Due to the nature of Guam, tinting is not available, so it would be good for those carrying babies to bring a sunshade from Korea.
  Nissan cars have a good amount of space, and the trunk fits 29, 24, and 20-inch carriers and strollers.
  They also upgraded the car and it was great. Overall, the car was in good condition and was comfortable to drive. I will use it when I go to Guam again!!


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