Dulce Nombre de Maria Cathedral-Basilica

Located in the capital village of Agana, this location has been a church site since the day's of Padre Diego Luis de San Vitores, a Jesuit priest that began the Catholic mission on Guam, upon his arrival in1668. The site itself was donated to San Vitores by the Chamoru Chief Quipuha. Today this f...

Chamorro Village

The Chamorro Village located in Agana offers its quests a variety of island arts & crafts as well as a variety of favorite local cuisine. In addition to island shopping and local food, the Chamorro village periodically sponsors many cultural shows and exhibitions. On Wednesday nights the Chamorro...

Fort Santa Agueda

Fort Santa Agueda, also known as Fort Apugan, sits atop the Agana Heights area and has a wonderful view of central Guam. It was originally a Spanish fort that was built in order to protect the capital village of Agana. It also served as an ideal location for observing the horizon for potential th...

Latte Stone Park

Latte Stone Park, located in Agana, houses eight large latte stone formations. These two part columns were used as pillars for the houses of Chamorro chiefs as well as important boat houses. These structures often weighed thousands of pounds and were quarried miles away. The structures are truly...

Plaza de Espana

Santo Papa as Juan Pablo Dos Monument

his monument is dedicated to Pope John Paul II and his memorable 1981 visit to Guam. It was erected at this location in Agana because it was the site where he delivered mass to the thousands of locals that came to visit him. The statue is quite unique itself, as it rotates once every 12 hours.

Statue of Liberty

Located behind the Paseo Recreational Park in Agana, sits a replica of New York's Statue of Liberty. It was donated by the Boy Scouts of America to commemorate their 40th Anniversary and stands for the ideals of freedom and liberty. Like its model in New York, it welcomes weary travelers ashore